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Objection to Temporary Event Notice for Legends Night Club, Unit 22 Brickfields Industrial Estate, Gillingham

To consider a report of the Licensing Officer.


The Licensing Officer introduced the report to consider a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) served on the Council by the premises user Mr Jason Mead, for Legends Nightclub, Gillingham (a former licenced premises), following an objection received from Dorset Police.


The premises user, Mr Jason Mead, had served a TEN on the Licensing Authority for the retail sale of alcohol on the premises and the provision of regulated entertainment at the venue on the following dates:


Friday 2 August – 2200 hours to 0300 hours

Saturday 3 August – 2200 hours to 0300 hours

Sunday 4 August – 2200 hours to 0300 hours.   


Dorset Police had submitted an objection to the TEN but had not provided any supporting information to their objection.  The Licensing Officer advised the sub-committee members that they could only consider relevant issues linked to the licensing objectives.  Mr J Mead had spoken to Dorset Police in advance of the sub-committee meeting and had confirmed that he would be using registered S.I.A. staff, that the Challenge 25 policy would be enforced and posters displayed, that a zero tolerance drugs policy would be in operation,  that a gradual dispersal policy would be operated and that CCTV would be in operation at all times.  Members were advised that these actions could not be added to the TEN as conditions, the committee could either allow the TEN as served or issue a counter notice if it was believed that the event would go against the licensing objectives.    


At the point the Chairman invited Mr J Mead to address the sub-committee. Mr Mead explained the history to the nightclub which had suffered from a roof collapse, the roof had been repaired and he wished to reopen the nightclub and would be re-applying for a full licence.  In the meantime he wished to apply for a TEN in order to provide events for the community.         


In response to questions from the members of the sub-committee, Mr Mead confirmed that he had worked with Dorset Police over a number of years and was very strict on how he ran the premises, for example strict counting of numbers coming in and out of the nightclub and regular toilet checks every 30 minutes.  The appropriate number of door staff would be provided for the events and the event would be based on live music and a DJ.  Mr Mead also confirmed that the patio area outside of the nightclub would be used as a smoking area only and that the area would be monitored by a member of staff on the door and security cameras.


The Chairman invited the representative from Dorset Police, Mr J Bean, to address the committee.  Mr Bean stated that it was unusual for a nightclub to reopen via a TEN. The use of a TEN put the Police in a difficult position as conditions could not be attached to the notice.  Mr Bean was however reassured by the comments made by Mr J Mead regarding the measures to be put in place for running the events.   Under normal circumstance Dorset Police would have requested that the same conditions be applied to a TEN as a full premises licence.  


The sub-committee adjourned at 10.22 am to consider the TEN.


The sub-committee reconvened at 10.34 with all parties present.


The Chairman confirmed that the TEN would be granted.




That the Temporary Event Notice, for the retail sale of alcohol on the premises and the provision of regulated entertainment at the above venue on the following dates:-


  • Friday 2 August 2019          2200 hours to 0300hours
  • Saturday 3 August 2019     2200 hours to 0300 hours
  • Sunday 4 August 2019       2200 hours to 0300 hours  be granted.



Reason for the Decision


The sub-committee had taken into account all of the representations made by Dorset Police and felt that on balance that there was insufficient grounds to refuse the application.









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