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WD/D/19/001826 - Construction of CCN provision at St Marys Church of England Middle School, Coombe Road, Puddletown

Install a modular construction classbase for a new CCN provision within the School. A glazed link corridor to connect the proposed building with the existing school.

4no. additional parking spaces to be provided to suit extra staffing levels.


The Committee considered planning application WD/D/19/001826 for St Marys Church of England Middle School, Coombe Road, Puddletown to install a modular construction classbase for a new Complex Communication Needs (CCN) provision within the School, incorporating a glazed linking corridor to connect the proposed building with the existing school, together with 4 additional parking spaces to meet increased staffing levels.


With the aid of a visual presentation officers described the proposal and planning issues in detail, covering the key elements of the development. Photographs and plans were shown to the Committee which provided an illustration of the location and design of the proposed development, how the modular unit would look and its dimensions - form, mass and size - and the materials to be used; parking and access arrangements; and its relationship with the school and other neighbouring development in that part of Puddletown. Officers referred to the detailed design, including the school’s construction and the materials to be used. The Committee was also shown the context of the development within the character of the surrounding landscape.


Officers reported that no objections or representations had been received to the published planning application, with the Puddletown Area Parish Council and the local Ward Member, Emma Prker, having had the opportunity to respond, and being satisfied in that regard.  


The Committee were then provided with the opportunity to ask questions of the

officer’s presentation and officer’s provided clarification in respect of the points raised

including questions about what mitigation there would be for tree replacement; what colour scheme would be used for the external paintwork, considering cedar red to be complementary to that which existed; and if solar energy could be incorporated within the scheme.


Officers confirmed that there would be sufficient tree management, covered by condition; the development’s external colour scheme would be wholly in keeping with the surrounding characteristics of the other school buildings, covered by condition ; and, where practicable, consideration was given to the inclusion of renewable energy source in developments affecting Council properties, including the installation of solar energy, if able.


The Committee agreed that as the proposed development would create a new facility for children with complex communication needs across Dorset it was to be wholly accepted.  They were assured by officers that an Informative note would complement any grant of planning permission in addressing the issue of inclusion of renewable energy source, wherever practicable. On that basis, and on being put to the vote it was 



That planning permission be granted for planning application WD/D/19/001826, subject to the conditions set out in the officer’s report, with a variation to conditions 3 and 4, namely:-


·        3          No development above ground level shall proceed until all external facing materials for the walls and roof the modular unit hereby approved have been agreed in writing. The development shall thereafter proceed in accordance with the agreed materials. Materials should be made available on site for inspection and retained thereafter until the development has been completed.


Reason: To ensure a satisfactory visual appearance of the development.


·        4          Prior to development above foundation level, a tree planting scheme for a minimum of five new trees, and tree maintenance scheme, must be submitted to, and approved in writing by, the Local Planning Authority. Such scheme shall be implemented during the planting season November - March inclusive, immediately following commencement of the development hereby approved. The scheme shall include provision for the maintenance and replacement as necessary of the trees and shrubs for a period of not less than 5 years following commencement of the scheme.


Reason: In the interest of visual amenity.


 And being complemented by the Informative, namely:-


·        Informative:     Every effort should be made to demonstrate how development for the Council is addressing the ‘state of Climate Emergency’.  This means demonstrating as part of the planning application how the proposed development will be making improvements on our use of natural resources and reduction of pollution.  In this particular case a statement should be submitted prior to occupation of the development hereby approved.


as necessary. 


Reason for Decision

The scheme would have considerable public benefits, via the creation of a new facility for children with complex communication needs across Dorset. There were no adverse landscape impacts, the proposal would not compromise road safety, and four new parking spaces were to be created.



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