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New premises application, Hincknowle Barn, Melplash, Bridport

An application for a new premises licence has been made by Rupert Best and Thomas Best for live music, recorded music, late night refreshment and the supply of alcohol on and off the premises.  Representations have been received and remain unresolved therefore a hearing by the licensing Sub-Committee must be held to determine the application.



There was a small adjournment between 10.08 and 10.20 due to technical problems with the live stream.


The Licensing Officer presented the application for a new premises licence which had been made by Rupert Best and Thomas Best for

·       the supply of alcohol for on and off sales between 0900hrs and midnight, daily;

·       regulated entertainment, indoor and outdoors (live and recorded music) between 2300hrs and midnight, daily;

·       late night refreshment between 2300 and midnight, daily.

Three representations had been received and remained unresolved therefore a hearing by the licensing Sub-Committee was held to determine the application.


Environmental Health had requested the following the condition be added to the licence, this had been agreed by the applicant if the licence was granted.


“The number of patrons on the premises, for the purposes of engaging in licensable activities, will not exceed 500 persons, at any one time.”


The applicant’s solicitor had set out a case summary which included some additional conditions outlined in points 11-14 of his summary.


The Licensing Officer offer highlighted the relevance of the representations received which were presented in their entirety for reasons of transparency and fairness and reminded the panel that only those points related to the licensing objectives should be taken into account.


The solicitor was then given the opportunity to present the case on behalf of the applicant.  The solicitor introduced Chris Nixon who was the Licensing Agent who submitted the application, Mr R Best and Mr M Best, the applicants.  He highlighted the range of facilities sought in the application, these would be smaller, private functions which would take place in the barn and surrounds, corporate meetings and away days, field sports lunches, use by the local community and selling cider.  The applicants did not want to upset the balance in the local community.  The concerns of neighbours relating to traffic had been recognised and the applicants had made enquiries to the Highways Authority in this regard, but these did fall outside the remit of the Licensing Act.  In relation to concerns around noise, the applicants had held a number of events previously, they had not received any complaints but would still put in measures to ensure any noise generated would not cause a nuisance.


The panel members were invited to ask questions of the solicitor and applicants.  In response to the location of the closest objectors and the roads leading to and from the site, the applicants explained that the nearest residential property was within approx. 400 yards of the barn.  They had also explored the possibility of having one road leading onto the site and the other to exit the site, therefore creating a one-way system for ease of management although this was not a relevant licensing issue.


Mr Moss who had made representations was invited to address the panel.  Although the advertisement was not a licensing issue he felt that the notice in the local newspaper advertising the application had been too small and failed in its purpose to let people know what was going on in the area.


Mr Moss explained that when he made his representation he had not been aware that Highways matters would have no bearing on the licensing application, however, although not a licensing issue the applicant and their solicitor had addressed his concerns with the proposal of a one way system for which  he thanked them.  The applicants had also addressed his concerns relating to noise levels and the type of events to be held on the site.  He was now satisfied with the proposed application and fully understood the need of land-based businesses to look at new and creative ways to use their assets.


There were no more questions and all parties were given the opportunity to sum up their case.


Exempt Business


Proposed by Cllr Fry, seconded by Cllr Dyer


Decision: That the press and the public be excluded for the following item(s) in view of the likely disclosure of exempt information within the meaning of paragraph 3 of schedule 12 A to the Local Government Act 1972 (as amended).


The panel members retired to make their decision.


Decision:  To GRANT the Premises Licence with the usual mandatory conditions, together with the conditions consistent with the operating schedule, the further conditions proposed by the applicant numbered 1 and 2 below and the condition requested by Environmental Health numbered 3 below :-


1.       No noise or amplified sound shall be generated at the premises that gives rise to a nuisance.

2.       The Premises Licence Holder will maintain a direct telephone number for use by local residents wishing to complain about Licensable Activities at the Premises. A copy of the telephone number will be provided to the Licensing Authority and to local residents on request.

3.       The number of patrons on the premises, for the purposes of engaging in licensable activities, will not exceed 500 persons, at any one time.






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