Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Budget Strategy Report08/09/2020For Determination12/01/2021
Transformation Programme Annual Report08/09/2020For Determination03/11/2020
Dorset Council Plan- Quarterly Performance Report Q208/09/2020For Determination03/11/2020
Housing Standards Enforcement Policy and Statement of Principles for determining Financial Penalties 2020-202508/09/2020For Determination03/11/2020
Dorset Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information, Advice and Support Service (SENDIASS)08/09/2020For Determination06/10/2020
Dorset Council Plan Quarterly Performance Report - Q308/09/2020For Determination12/01/2021
Dorset Council Budget - Quarterly Performance Report - Q308/09/2020For Determination12/01/2021
Milton Abbas Neighbourhood Plan 2019-203104/09/2020For Determination04/09/2020
Annual Adoption Report- Aspire10/08/2020For Determination03/11/2020
Weymouth harbour and Esplanade flood and coastal erosion risk management Strategy10/08/2020For Determination06/10/2020
Annual Self Evaluation of Children's Services10/08/2020For Determination03/11/2020
Children's Services Provision10/08/2020For Determination06/10/2020
Approach to Value for Money10/08/2020For Determination06/10/2020
'Planning for the Future' consultation response10/08/2020For Determination06/10/2020
Dorset Council Climate and Ecological Emergency Strategy Delivery plan (Draft)10/08/2020For Determination06/10/2020
Initial, high-level, draft budget information for 2021/22 and MTFP for 2023-202610/08/2020For Determination06/10/2020
Children and Young People and Families' Plan 2020 - 202310/08/2020For Determination15/10/2020
Dorset Workplace10/08/2020For Determination06/10/2020
Private Sector Housing Assistance Policy10/08/2020For Determination03/11/2020
Building Better Lives - Purbeck Gateway: Design Brief02/06/2020For Determination03/11/2020
Dorset Council Budget - Quarterly Performance Report - Q201/05/2020For Determination03/11/2020
Final version of the Statement of Gambling Licensing Policy01/05/2020For Determination10/12/2020
Final Version of the Statement of Licensing Policy01/05/2020For Determination10/12/2020
Community Safety Plan 2020-202306/04/2020Recommmend Forward to Council15/10/2020
Leisure Services Review09/03/2020For Determination06/10/2020
Major Highway Improvement Schemes - Dinah's Hollow, Melbury Abbas11/02/2020For Determination06/10/2020 General Exception Notice
Youth Justice Plan03/02/2020Recommmend Forward to Council15/10/2020
Grants to the Voluntary and Community Sector30/12/2019For Determination06/10/2020
Results of Public Consultation on the proposed dog-related Public Spaces Protection Order02/09/2019For Determination06/10/2020
Asset Management Plan for Dorset Council 2020- 202302/09/2019For Determination06/10/2020
Housing Allocations Policy17/04/2019For Determination03/11/2020