Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Joint Archives Services: Review: Review of Fees and Charges02/02/2021For Determination02/03/2021
Youth Justice Plan02/02/2021For Determination15/07/2021
Youth Executive Advisory Panel02/02/2021For Determination02/03/2021
Tricuro Options Paper02/02/2021For Determination22/06/2021
Encompass Contract02/02/2021For Determination22/06/2021
Dorset Care Framework02/02/2021For Determination22/06/2021
Review of Redundancy Multiplier02/02/2021For Determination02/03/2021
Barbeques and other related fire activities options paper02/02/2021For Determination06/04/2021
Dorset Council Homelessness & Rough Sleeper Strategy02/02/2021For Determination27/07/2021
Outcome from consultation on provision in Shaftesbury02/02/2021For Determination29/04/2021
Approval to develop an alternative delivery model for Information Advice Guidance and Tracking for young people not in education, employment or training02/02/2021For Determination02/03/2021
Dorchester Office Strategy02/02/2021For Determination06/04/2021
Procurement Forward Plan report - Over £500k (2021-2022)07/01/2021For Determination02/03/2021
Interim Dorset Heath Air Quality Strategy07/01/2021For Determination02/03/2021
Dorset and BCP Joint Local Transport Plan Development17/12/2020For Determination02/03/2021
Dorset Council Climate and Ecological Emergency Strategy17/12/2020For Determination15/04/2021
West Parley Eastern Link Road - Forward Funding17/12/2020For Determination02/03/2021
Tourist Information Centres - Consultation responses next steps in relation to Dorset Council Tourist Information Centres17/12/2020For Determination02/03/2021
Our Digital Vision17/12/2020For Determination06/04/2021
Dorset Cultural Strategy 2021 - 202610/11/2020For Determination18/05/2021
Dorset Council Budget Quarterly Performance Report - Q406/10/2020For Determination18/05/2021
Dorset Council Plan Quarterly Performance Report - Q308/09/2020For Determination02/03/2021