Attendance summary

Explanation of the statistics columns

The number of meetings that the councillor was expected to attend in their capacity as member of that committee.
The number of meetings that the councillor attended in their capacity as member of that committee.
In attendance
The number of meetings that the councillor attended in a capacity other than committee member, for example a voluntary attendance out of personal interest for a topic being discussed.
Councillor Expected Present In attendance
Councillor Rod Adkins220
Councillor Anthony Alford11116
Councillor Jon Andrews10101
Councillor Malcolm Barnes100
Councillor Mike Barron310
Councillor Pete Barrow550
Councillor Peter Barrowcliff100
Councillor Shane Bartlett761
Councillor Thomas Bartlett110
Councillor Pauline Batstone551
Councillor Bill Batty-Smith100
Councillor Colin Beck100
Councillor Derek Beer640
Councillor Richard Biggs770
Councillor Andy Blackwood100
Councillor Dave Bolwell441
Councillor Alex Brenton540
Councillor Kevin Brookes220
Councillor Cherry Brooks880
Councillor Graham Brown100
Councillor Piers Brown750
Councillor Sandra Brown100
Councillor Hazel Bruce100
Councillor Ian Bruce100
Councillor Ray Bryan872
Councillor David Budd110
Councillor Nigel Bundy110
Councillor Audrey Burch110
Councillor Sarah Burns100
Councillor Derek Burt100
Councillor Derek Bussell100
Councillor Steve Butler330
Councillor Mike Byatt210
Councillor Andy Canning750
Councillor Jeff Cant410
Councillor Graham Carr-Jones11100
Councillor Andrew Cattaway100
Councillor Alexander Chase100
Councillor Simon Christopher982
Councillor Alex Clarke100
Councillor Kelvin Clayton660
Councillor Ronald Coatsworth100
Councillor Susan Cocking772
Councillor Robin Cook770
Councillor Tim Cook550
Councillor Patrick Cooke100
Councillor Toni Coombs991
Councillor Barrie Cooper100
Councillor Hilary Cox110
Councillor Deborah Croney100
Councillor Keith Day100
Councillor Janet Dover430
Councillor Charles Dowden100
Councillor Nigel Dragon110
Councillor Francis Drake100
Councillor Fred Drane100
Councillor Gerald Duke110
Councillor Jean Dunseith771
Councillor Mike Dyer651
Councillor Dominic Elliott110
Councillor John Ellis100
Councillor Beryl Ezzard740
Councillor Terry Farmer100
Councillor James Farquharson110
Councillor Tony Ferrari850
Councillor Caroline Finch200
Councillor Spencer Flower12110
Councillor Victor Fox100
Councillor Jo Francis100
Councillor Robert Freeman110
Councillor Les Fry10101
Councillor Katharine Garcia110
Councillor Ian Gardner100
Councillor Simon Gibson520
Councillor Hilary Goodinge100
Councillor Barry Goringe1081
Councillor Mike Gould110
Councillor Robert Gould100
Councillor David Gray880
Councillor Matthew Hall10100
Councillor Lucy Hamilton100
Councillor Traci Handford100
Councillor Tim Harries110
Councillor David Harris110
Councillor Paul Harrison650
Councillor Brian Haynes110
Councillor Jill Haynes770
Councillor Brian Heatley772
Councillor Ryan Holloway540
Councillor Ryan Hope440
Councillor Fred Horsington110
Councillor Susie Hosford110
Councillor Colin Huckle440
Councillor Rob Hughes331
Councillor Nick Ireland993
Councillor Christine James100
Councillor Susan Jefferies100
Councillor Gary Jefferson100
Councillor Sherry Jespersen980
Councillor K D Johnson110
Councillor Carole Jones990
Councillor Stella Jones751
Councillor Trevor Jones220
Councillor Oz Kanji110
Councillor Andrew Kerby660
Councillor Paul Kimber551
Councillor Rebecca Knox990
Councillor Richard Kosior100
Councillor Nocturin Lacey-Clarke1080
Councillor Catherine Langham100
Councillor Margaret Lawrence110
Councillor Howard Legg540
Councillor Robin Legg760
Councillor Margaret Leicester100
Councillor Gina Logan100
Councillor Mike Lovell110
Councillor Cathy Lugg960
Councillor Barbara Manuel100
Councillor Gloria Marsh MBE100
Councillor Penny McCartney100
Councillor Frances McKenzie100
Councillor Wendy Meaden110
Councillor Laura Miller871
Councillor David Morgan870
Councillor Tim Morris100
Councillor Richard Nickinson100
Councillor Pamela Nixon100
Councillor Ray Nowak210
Councillor Louie O'Leary650
Councillor Peter Oggelsby100
Councillor Jon Orrell440
Councillor Jason Osborne100
Councillor David Packer100
Councillor Emma Parker1091
Councillor Mike Parkes650
Councillor Andrew Parry10100
Councillor Mary Penfold980
Councillor Bill Pipe1180
Councillor Val Pothecary771
Councillor Robin Potter110
Councillor Simon Pritchard100
Councillor Byron Quayle430
Councillor Barry Quinn320
Councillor Alison Reed100
Councillor Molly Rennie961
Councillor Cheryl Reynolds110
Councillor Dave Rickard110
Councillor Belinda Ridout660
Councillor Michael Roake100
Councillor Mark Roberts660
Councillor Julie Robinson640
Councillor Gareth Rockingham100
Councillor Maria Roe330
Councillor Tia Roos110
Councillor George Russell100
Councillor John Russell110
Councillor Jacqui Sewell220
Councillor Peter Shorland111
Councillor David Shortell771
Councillor Andy Skeats100
Councillor Deirdre Skipwith100
Councillor Jane Somper661
Councillor Andrew Starr330
Councillor Jackie Stayt110
Councillor John Stayt110
Councillor Gary Suttle1070
Councillor Clare Sutton441
Councillor John Tanner210
Councillor Roland Tarr430
Councillor David Taylor1170
Councillor Gill Taylor440
Councillor Mark Tewkesbury100
Councillor Alan Thacker100
Councillor Carol Tilling100
Councillor Simon Tong300
Councillor David Tooke542
Councillor Bill Trite860
Councillor Daryl Turner661
Councillor Mark Unsworth100
Councillor David Walsh883
Councillor Ann Weaving110
Councillor Peter Webb100
Councillor Sandy West100
Councillor Jane Westbrook110
Councillor Peter Wharf11111
Councillor Kate Wheller1090
Councillor Mike Whitwam100
Councillor Mike Wiggins220
Councillor Peter Williams OBE100
Councillor Sarah Williams651
Councillor John Worth771
Councillor Timothy Yarker110