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Performance Scrutiny

Meeting: 16/11/2021 - Place and Resources Scrutiny Committee (Item 48)

Performance Scrutiny

A review of the relevant Dorset Council performance dashboard to inform the scrutiny committee’s forward plan and identify items for deep dives.


Committee members to flag up if any areas for potential review:

Operational – Corporate:
Councillors Brian Heatley and David Shortell

Operational – Place: Councillors Mark Roberts, David Tooke and Jon Andrews

HR: Councillors Andy Canning and Bill Trite


The Chairman, Councillor Shane Bartlett, maintains an overview of all the above areas.



The Service Manager for Business Intelligence and Performance provided an overview of the Performance Dashboard that had been set up for the monitoring of performance for areas covered by the remit of the committee.  This included an overview of the key features of the dashboard and the information that was available.  A link to the performance dashboard is provided below for information:


Place and Resources Scrutiny Committee Performance Dashboard


The following points were noted:


·            Consideration to be given to how monitoring of progress with major projects could be enhanced in the performance monitoring system

·            Follow up reports on Information Compliance and the Local Land Charges Service would be provided at the meeting on 25 January 2022

·            The committee to undertake further investigation in relation to the level of sickness absence in Children’s Services

·            Further commentary was to be provided in respect of data breaches within the council and was also to be discussed with the Audit and Governance Committee

·            The addition of wider trend graphs to cover information related to the previous financial year

·            PL22 major applications overturned at appeal – no data had been provided in the performance dashboard and this would be checked following the meeting.