Issue - meetings

Introduction and Scene Setting (17:25)

Meeting: 06/12/2021 - Corporate Parenting Board (Item 5)

Introduction and Scene Setting (17:25)

Theresa Leavy, Executive Director Children, to set the scene for the meeting.



Theresa Leavy (Executive Director of People- children) spoke of recent events from the media and reassured members that they have constant conversations regarding safety and the welfare of children. Making better life outcomes for children has been a priority and identifying those who want to hurt children has been a focus. The concerns around support for social workers was also discussed. Members were assured that extra support was put in place to assist them when needed. 


The Executive Director also updated the board on the most recent OFSTED review. There has been great improvements and they were amazed by the focused attention from academic achievements and by how settled and stable children in care were. There has been a look of work going on to ensure that all targets were met.