Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Dorset Council Commissioning Report14/03/2023For Determination05/06/2023
Business Plan14/03/2023For Determination05/06/2023
Dorset Council Delegated Decisions14/03/2023For Determination05/06/2023
DCOE - Report of Independent Chair of Board of Directors14/03/2023For Determination05/06/2023
EN/2023/00008- Hillview Bull Lane Swyre DT2 9BY06/03/2023For Determination02/03/2023
DCOE - Report of Independent Chair of Board of Directors04/11/2022For Determination18/09/2023
Dorset Council Commissioning Report04/11/2022For Determination18/09/2023
Dorset Council delegated decisions04/11/2022For Determination18/09/2023
Report to Full Council on performance of the trading activities of the company22/08/2022For Determination
Review of the Committee's Terms of Reference22/08/2022For Determination05/06/2023