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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Options for Prohibiting the Use of Disposable Barbeques ref: 36930/06/202030/06/2020Not for call-in
COVID-19: How well has Dorset Council responded to meeting the needs of vulnerable groups during 'lockdown'? ref: 36730/06/202030/06/2020Not for call-in
Update on Dorset Council's Response to Covid-19 ref: 36630/06/202030/06/2020Not for call-in
Community Safety Plan 2020-2023 ref: 37230/06/202030/06/2020Not for call-in
Statement of Gambling Licensing Policy 2021-2024 ref: 37030/06/202030/06/2020Not for call-in
Statement of Licensing Policy 2021-2026 ref: 37130/06/202030/06/2020Not for call-in
Capital funding of embankment improvements to the River Brit at West Bay ref: 36830/06/202030/06/2020Not for call-in
Transfer proposal - East Dorset, Verwood - Emmanuel Middle School ref: 36526/06/202026/06/2020Not for call-in
Direct Leasing Scheme (8 Church Street) Dorchester ref: 36426/06/202026/06/2020Not for call-in
Section 106 Deed of Variation (in respect of application reference WD/D/15/00425). ref: 36324/06/202024/06/2020Not for call-in
Direct Leasing Scheme (Flat 4 Tilly Whim) Swanage ref: 36223/06/202023/06/2020Not for call-in
Direct Leasing Scheme (Flat 3 Tilly Whim) Swanage ref: 36123/06/202023/06/2020Not for call-in
Direct Leasing Scheme (Flat 1 Tilly Whim) - Swanage ref: 36025/06/202025/06/2020Not for call-in
Public Path Diversion Order - FP 14 - Lydlinch ref: 35918/06/202018/06/2020Not for call-in
Public Path Diversion - FP 34 Gillingham ref: 35818/06/202018/06/2020Not for call-in