Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Transforming Cities Fund Bid07/10/2019For Determination05/11/2019
Ofsted Focused Visit - Update and feedback07/10/2019For Determination10/12/2019
Contract for Banking Services07/10/2019For Determination05/11/2019
Voluntary Community Sector and extend the current transitional 1 year arrangement07/10/2019For Determination05/11/2019
Temporary Agency Staff and Consultants Procurement07/10/2019For Determination05/11/2019
Making of the Motcombe Neighbourhood Plan 2017 - 202707/10/2019For Determination10/12/2019
People Strategy07/10/2019For Determination05/11/2019
Lyme Regis Harbour - Harbour Revision Order07/10/2019For Determination21/11/2019
Dorset Council's Transformation Plan07/10/2019For Determination05/11/2019
Dorset Council's policy position on the review of designated landscapes, as part of the Glover Review07/10/2019For Determination05/11/2019
Equalities Policy17/04/2019For Determination10/12/2019
Statement of Community Involvement02/09/2019For Determination05/11/2019
Endorsement of the Dorset Local Industrial Strategy02/09/2019For Determination10/12/2019
Public Consultation on the proposed dog-related Public Spaces Protection Order02/09/2019For Determination07/04/2020
Asset Management Plan for Dorset Council 2020- 202302/09/2019For Determination05/05/2020
Asset Management Strategy for Dorset Council 2020 - 202302/09/2019For Determination03/03/2020
Procurement over £5m Report: Electricity and Gas Procurement05/08/2019Item Deferred05/11/2019
Adoption of Poole Harbour Recreation Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)02/08/2019For Determination10/12/2019
Designating an area of the Melcombe Regis for Selective Licensing - Housing Act 200402/08/2019For Determination
Capital funding option for the West Bay Coastal Improvements Project04/07/2019Item Deferred28/01/2020
Children's Services - High Needs Block Reduction Strategy01/07/2019For Determination10/12/2019
Endorsement of the Dorset & East Devon Coast World Heritage Site Partnership Plan01/07/2019For Determination03/03/2020
Major Waste Disposal Contracts following competitive tender process17/04/2019For Determination10/12/2019
Somerley Household Recycling Centre - Hampshire County Council charges for Dorset residents17/04/2019For Determination05/11/2019
Housing Allocations Policy17/04/2019For Determination07/04/2020
Dorset Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy17/04/2019For Determination10/12/2019
School Admissions Policy17/04/2019For Determination03/03/2020
Unreasonable Complaints Policy17/04/2019For Determination28/01/2020
Wool Neighbourhood Plan - Independent Examiner report and progress to Referendum17/04/2019For Determination
Making of Wool Neighbourhood Plan17/04/2019For Determination
Making of Arne Neighbourhood Plan17/04/2019For Determination
Community Safety Annual Report17/04/2019For Determination21/11/2019
Constitution Review17/04/2019For Determination
Calendar of Meetings17/04/2019For Determination21/11/2019
Children's Safeguarding Annual Report17/04/2019For Determination10/12/2019
Pay Policy Statement17/04/2019For Determination13/02/2020
Budget (MTFP/Council tax/Capital Programme/Treasury Mgt Strategy)17/04/2019For Determination13/02/2020
Quarter 2 - Budget Update17/04/2019For Determination05/11/2019
Car Parking Charges and Tariffs17/04/2019For Determination