Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Superfast Broadband - To invest funds, made up from grant from the Department of Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and contract outturns24/05/2019For Determination30/07/2019
Policy for the awarding of Discretionary Housing Payments24/05/2019For Determination25/06/2019
Policies for the awarding of Rates Relief24/05/2019For Determination25/06/2019
Policy for the awarding of Council Tax Discretionary Discounts24/05/2019For Determination25/06/2019
Milborne St Andrew Neighbourhood Plan 2018 to 2033 - Independent Examiner's Report and progress to Referendum24/05/2019For Determination25/06/2019
Scheme to provide support with housing costs for those in receipt of a War Disablement or War Widows/Widowers pension24/05/2019For Determination25/06/2019
Broadwindsor Neighbourhood Plan - Independent Examiners Report03/05/2019For Determination25/06/2019
Major Waste Disposal Contracts following competitive tender process17/04/2019For Determination10/12/2019
Somerley Household Recycling Centre - Hampshire County Council charges for Dorset residents17/04/2019For Determination30/07/2019
Better Care Fund (recommendation from Health and Wellbeing Board)17/04/2019For Determination25/06/2019
Adult Social Care - Direct Payments17/04/2019For Determination01/10/2019
Adult Social Care Charging and Financial Assessment, including Transport (provision and charging), Deferred Payments and Recovery of Debt17/04/2019For Determination25/06/2019
Housing Allocations Policy17/04/2019For Determination07/04/2020
Dorset Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy17/04/2019For Determination10/12/2019
School Admissions Policy17/04/2019For Determination28/01/2020
Home to School Transport Policy17/04/2019For Determination25/06/2019
S106 Charging for Educational Contributions17/04/2019For Determination30/07/2019
Community Safety Plan and Reducing Reoffending Strategy (via People Scrutiny Committee)17/04/2019For Determination01/10/2019
Equalities Policy17/04/2019For Determination01/10/2019
Sandbags Policy17/04/2019For Determination01/10/2019
Unreasonable Complaints Policy17/04/2019For Determination01/10/2019
Promoting Independence Business Case (options appraisal for aids, adaptation and assistive technology contracts)17/04/2019For Determination30/07/2019 Delayed from 25 June 2019 due to further work required.
Review of Reserves (from Shadow Executive on 11 February 2019)17/04/2019For Determination03/09/2019
Capital Programme (from Shadow Executive on 11 February 2019)17/04/2019For Determination03/09/2019
Adoption of the Dorset and BCP Waste Plan17/04/2019For Determination03/09/2019
Adoption of the Dorset and BCP Mineral Sites Plan17/04/2019For Determination25/06/2019
Base Budget Review of Children's Services17/04/2019For Determination30/07/2019
Dorset AONB Management Plan 2019-24 and the Cranborne Chase AONB Management Plan 2019-2417/04/2019For Determination03/09/2019
Wool Neighbourhood Plan - Independent Examiner report and progress to Referendum17/04/2019For Determination
Making of Wool Neighbourhood Plan17/04/2019For Determination
Making of Arne Neighbourhood Plan17/04/2019For Determination
Local Plan Review17/04/2019For Determination25/06/2019
Submit Gypsy and Traveller Site Allocations DPD to Secretary of State17/04/2019For Determination
Area Neighbourhood Plan - Independent Examiners Report and progress to Referendum17/04/2019For Determination
Making of Wareham Neighbourhood Plan17/04/2019For Determination01/10/2019
Wareham Neighbourhood Plan - Independent Examiners report and progress to Referendum17/04/2019For Determination25/06/2019
Making of Bere Regis Neighbourhood Plan17/04/2019For Determination25/06/2019
Treasury Management and Prudential Code (via Audit and Governance Committee)17/04/2019For Determination03/09/2019
External Audit Report/Plan (via Audit and Governance Committee)17/04/2019For Determination30/07/2019
Internal Audit Plan (via Audit and Governance Committee)17/04/2019For Determination30/07/2019
Internal Audit Annual Report (via Audit and Governance Committee)17/04/2019For Determination30/07/2019
Crime and Disorder Reduction Strategy (via People Scrutiny Committee)17/04/2019For Determination01/10/2019
Constitution Review17/04/2019For Determination13/02/2020
Calendar of Meetings17/04/2019For Determination17/10/2019
Adult Safeguarding Annual Report17/04/2019For Determination03/09/2019
Children's Safeguarding Annual Report17/04/2019For Determination03/09/2019
Youth Justice Plan (October - Council November)17/04/2019For Determination21/11/2019
Pay Policy Statement17/04/2019For Determination13/02/2020
Corporate Plan17/04/2019For Determination30/07/2019
Budget (MTFP/Council tax/Capital Programme/Treasury Mgt Strategy)17/04/2019For Determination13/02/2020
Budget Update17/04/2019For Determination01/10/2019
Budget/MTFP 2019/2017/04/2019For Determination30/07/2019
Budget - Statement of Accounts and Outturn 2018/1917/04/2019For Determination30/07/2019
Annual Governance Statement17/04/2019For Determination25/06/2019
Car Parking Charges and Tariffs17/04/2019For Determination25/06/2019
Forward Plan17/04/2019For Determination25/06/2019