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Finance report

Meeting: 16/02/2023 - Joint Public Health Board (Item 163)

163 Finance Update pdf icon PDF 403 KB

To consider the report.


The senior accountant introduced the report which set out the public health budget for the 23/24 financial year.


Officers responded to Board Members’ comments and requests for clarification, details included:


  • The entire budget was ringfenced and so where there was an occasion that required specific funding to be sourced from within it, for example, additional staff costs, this could be done.
  • Healthy reserves had been maintained and work was being undertaken to ensure that there were fewer unallocated reserves and that reserves be used for specific projects instead.
  • It was likely that in future years, the flexibilities that Public Health have had available may be reduced.




(i)     The 2022/23 shared service forecast outturn of £537k underspend, and the break-even position for the grant kept by each council in 22/23 be noted.

(ii)    The current assumptions that give a 23/24 opening revenue budget for Public Health Dorset of £25.615M be noted.

(iii)   That the recommended approach to any increase in the public health grants, Option 2, which would ensure that any such increases be directed to the shared service to cover inflationary costs relating to service delivery, be agreed.

(iv)  That the recommendation to delegate authority to the Director of Public Health in consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Dorset Council and Portfolio Holder for BCP Council to deliver the agreed approach above be agreed.

(v)   The plans for the use of ring-fenced public health reserves over the next three years, in line with principles agreed at the November Board be noted.