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Corporate Parenting Board

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Information about Corporate Parenting Board

The Corporate Parenting Board (the Board) will assist Dorset Council and its partners to understand and fully comply with legal duties and responsibilities across all services, as they discharge those duties to looked after children and care leavers.


The Corporate Parenting Board will promote member and workforce engagement, commitment and understanding of the Corporate Parenting principles introduced by the Children and Social Work Act 2017. Ensuring the local authority is ‘an active, strong and committed corporate parent – in line with the corporate parenting principles’.


The Corporate Parenting Board will hold to account the council and its partners for their role in the delivery of services and statutory responsibilities to looked after children and care leavers as recommended in statutory Corporate Parenting guidance.


The Board will have access to good qualitative and quantitative management information from the council and its partners, in order to monitor performance effectively against outcomes and track delivery of promises and commitments as stated to the Children in Care Council.


The Board will ensure young people know how their voice, insights and lived experiences have impacted decision making and service development and delivery.


The Corporate Parenting Board will meet a minimum of seven times a year including informal meetings. 


Portfolio Holder attendance at Corporate Parenting Board


Although not a full member of the board the Cabinet Member responsible for Children’s services(s) is invited to attend all meetings.  This portfolio holder is Dorset Council’s designated Lead Councillor for Children’s Services as required by the Children Act 2004.