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New premises licence application for Sandy Salt Pig, Middle Beach Car Park, Beach Road, Studland

An application has been made for a new premises licence for Sandy Salt Pig Ltd, Middle Beach, Studland for the sale of alcohol, off the premises.  The application has been out to public consultation and has attracted relevant representations.  A Licensing Sub Committee must consider the application and representations at a public hearing.


The Senior Licensing Officer introduced the report, for a new premises licence application for the sale of alcohol on and off the premises, Monday to Sunday 08.00 to 22.00 hours.


Representation was received from Studland Parish Council which raised concerns regarding the sale of alcohol from premises close to the sea and foreshore, the risk of fire caused by glass items, noise, and the number of hours which the premises would be operating.


The applicant was unable to attend the meeting but submitted a statement and additional information.


A motion to adjourn the meeting to consider additional information was proposed by Cllr Sarah Williams and seconded by Cllr Susan Cocking. 


The meeting reconvened and the applicant’s submitted statement was read out to the Sub-committee. The statement addressed the noise concerns as there was a considerable distance between other buildings, the site, and other residents. The extra hours would allow the premises to respond positively to demand as the season is short, there was no intention to open late on a regular basis, but they did want the option to hold events. The business is local, and family run which supplies local farm and fisherman produce and employs 50 local people. There would be no glass used at the premises and reference was made to his other premises which had been run successfully without complaints.


Cllr Cherry Brooks supported the application and stated that the Sandy Salt Pig group are responsible and ethical. She understood the concerns of the Parish Council but recognised that these were not enough to refuse the licence. She added that if the licence was granted then it could be monitored and reviewed if issues did arise.


All parties were given the opportunity to have their say and to sum up.


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