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New Premises Licence Application for The Foyer, Regent Cinema, Lyme Regis

An application has been made for a new premises licence for The Foyer at the Regent Cinema in Lyme Regis. The application has been out to public consultation and has attracted relevant representations.  A Licensing Sub Committee must consider the application and representations at a public hearing.


The Licensing Team Leader presented the report to consider a new licence application for the supply of alcohol on and off the premises and for live and recorded music every day of the week up to 23.00 hours.


The applicant outlined the context of the brand Black Cow, the premises, and their plans. The Black Cow was launched in 2012 and makes vodka out of the waste product of cheese whey which was produced on a farm in West Dorset. The Brand was built around ideas that are progressive, creative, moral, and welcoming. The aim of the brand was to create a small and relaxed coffee and cocktail bar which would serve as the brand home that works with and for the local community. This would also include a brand affiliated shop in the space adjacent to the main foyer which would stock Black Cow products and other local producers. The space would also be used for groups to attend talks and other social events. The main coffee and cocktail bar would showcase Black Cow vodka and other local businesses products, hosting pop-ups and talks.


The licence application planned to reinstate the previous licence held at the regent cinema, with its two bars, one on each floor. There would also be pre-recorded music and live music played by piano. Acoustic music would only be played on an adhoc basis, and a decibel metre held for regular checks to ensure that noise would be kept at an appropriate level, to reduce noise disturbance. Signage had been made for non-smoking areas and to remind customers to respect the neighbours. CCTV cameras had been installed on the premises to prevent crime and disorder and for public safety. Challenge 25 would also be adopted, and records kept on staff training and recording of misbehaviour. Mr Chittendon had experience working in a number of bars in the Cotswolds and Mr Burney had been in the drinks industry for over 25 years.


In response to questions by Cllrs. The applicant responded that there would be a low impact on neighbours and that the pop-up would be a similar business type to other premises in the area and the impact would overall be positive and attract more people to the area. There would be blues and jazz music played as background music and no disco music. Smoking and vaping would not be allowed inside or outside of the premises.


Mr Lewis a local resident and the managing director for the Lyme 1 Hotel raised concerns regarding, antisocial behaviour, vandalism, drunkenness, and the number of people gathering directly outside the premises. He informed that the hotel was a grade 2 listed building which did not have insolation or double glazing to reduce the noise. He raised that people would be smoking or vaping on the street outside the property and that this could not be properly prevented by the Black Cow.


The applicant assured that he would be happy to attend regular meetings with locals every six months and provide a phone number with which locals could get into contact if any issues arise. 


All parties were given the opportunity to have their say and sum up.



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