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Q3 2023/2024 Monitoring Report 01:26:24 on recording

To receive the quarterly Monitoring Report.


The PCC gave an update on progress against the police and crime plan.


Priority One - Cut Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour.

Total crime had reduced in Dorset.  Year to date ASB was down by 14% overall, and non-dwelling burglary had also reduced.  There had been a slight increase in dwelling burglary.  The PCC talked about his road safety campaigns, the Doc-Bike charity and the Fix the Future Fund which had awarded £51,824 to 11 organisations.


Panel members were given the opportunity to ask questions. The PCC responded to questions in relation to ASB, highlighting his Operation Relentless Community Fund which was designed to address ASB and had proved to be successful in a number of areas. He also acknowledged that it does take some time put mechanisms in place to address this issue.


Priority Two - Make Policing More Visible and Connected (01:41:18 on recording) The number of full time equivalent police offers had increased to 1432, the response times for call handling and follow up had improved and the introduction of Rural Mounted Volunteers had increased visibility.


(01:48:30 on recording) Questions from the Priority Leads and Panel members.  (attached at appendix 1).


Members discussed the complexity of crime and intelligence reporting, the importance of engagement and making sure the correct messages were relayed to the communities.  Ward Councillors, Parish/Town Councillors and Faith Leaders should all be key community contacts to liaise with the Force.


ACTION: PCC to provide an update at the next meeting on the outcome of measures taken to improve and simplify the call handling process and communications to explain to the public how to use the website.


Proposed By Cllr Jespersen, seconded by Cllr Barrow.


Decision: In accordance with procedural rule 8.1 a vote was taken, the committee agreed to exceed the 3 hour meeting time limit.


Lunch Break 12;15 to 12:45


Priority Three - Fight Violent Crime and High Harm (02:44:14 on recording)

The PCC focussed on addiction substance misuse and Operation Scorpion.  Dorset had been successful in arresting 26 people and taking £93,000 worth of drugs out of operation, increasing the latest figures to over 600 arrests with over one million pounds worth of drugs taken off the streets.


The PCC planned to use some reserves to get a violence reduction unit up and running.  He had launched the Violence Against Women and Girls Improvement Panel, which brought subject matter experts together to provide vital feedback and insight.


Priority Leads and Panel members were invited to put forward questions (02:52:00 on recording.


In order to drive down knife possession the PCC had funded each patrol car to have a knife wand and he had also funded a portable knife arch.


Priority Four - Fight Rural Crime (02:59:51 on recording)

The PCC was pleased to report that rural crime had reduced.  He had carried out a rural crime survey, the Dorset Partnership against rural crime continued and 5 Forces had come together to share intelligence in Operation Ragwort to look at transit across borders. A part time fly tipping role had been created to gather evidence of fly tipping hotspots.  10 rural mounted volunteers had also been recruited. 


(03:04:55 on the recording) Panel member questions.


Priority Five - Put Victim and Communities First (03:15:48 on recording)

The PCC reported that hate crime had gone down. The Immediate Justice scheme had been launched for Dorset together with a survey to understand how communities would like the scheme to work in their area.  The PCC highlighted the Force’s work with shopkeepers to try and drive down shoplifting figures, he also addressed the issue of hate crime.


(03:20:27 on recording) Priority Lead and member questions.


Priority Six - Make Every Penny Count (03:36:47 on recording)

The PCC welcomed the award of Home Office Safer Street funding to Dorset which would have a great effect in keeping people safe in Dorset.


Questions from the Panel (03:40:01 on recording) and attached at appendix 1.


(03:45:17 on recording) the Chief Executive offered some more detail regarding ICT and future contact systems in order to streamline the system as a whole.




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