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Pathway Plans

To consider a report by the Executive Director of People – Children.


The Corporate Parenting Board considered a report by the Executive Director of People – Children on Pathway Plans.


Officers informed the Board that Pathway Plans were provided for young people aged 16 years onwards.  The Plan should be drawn up together with the young person with performance being monitored in two ways; those who had a plan in place and by identifying how many plans had been updated within 7 months.  The IRO service looked at the quality of the plans and gave them an Ofsted rating.  95% of all LAC had a Care or Pathway Plan with 89% completed within the past 7 months.


One member asked what happened if a young person wanted the Pathway Plan changed completely.  Officers confirmed the Plans could be changed at any time if there was something the young person would like done differently this would be discussed and changed as necessary.


The Chairman referred to table 2 in the report as there was quite a wide variation in completed plans especially for those with a disability only 40% completed in the west of the county.  She asked what was being done in respect of the transition to Adult Services for disabled young people as it could take years for the packages they required to be in place.  Officers confirmed the plans were completed alongside the young people wherever this was possible.  Officers commented that there was further work to be undertaken alongside Adult Services to ensure there was sufficient lead in time for plans to be firmly in place when the young person moved into being supported by Adult Services and that this was consistent across the service. 


The Chairman of Dorset Parent Carer Council mentioned the young people would have an EHCP which started at year 9 and transition should start from that year to enable all services to work together.  At the present time it seemed they had separate plans that were not being merged together.


The Executive Director of People – Children could not understand why transitions were a problem.  She confirmed that officers would be looking to see how to get this right as whole life services were the favourable option.  She was happy to bring this back the Board at a future meeting. 


The Chief Executive of Participation People commented that moving into adulthood was contained in the Children’s Satisfaction Survey and it was felt this should start at age 14.  Young people were requesting work was started earlier.  Young people were also given a postcard with the different terminology written on it to enable them to get used to the phrases used.


The Chairman referred to paragraph 2.6 of the report and asked for feedback on the whole service workshop that had taken place on the 8 July 2019.  Officers confirmed the workshop looked at how to improve services to young people by monitoring performance and improvements to the pathway planning.  The Chief Executive of Participation People was looking at the design of forms with young people to enable them to become more person friendly.


Officers confirmed they would provide a report quarterly on action taken.



1.          That officers provide the Chairman with feedback on the whole service workshop held on 8 July 2019.

2.          That officers provide a quarterly report to the Corporate Parenting Board on action taken to be reported at meeting held on 9 October 2019.




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