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Harbour Masters' Report - Weymouth, Bridport, Lyme Regis

To receive the reports of the Harbour Masters – Harbour update, Standing items and PMSC issues.


The Weymouth Harbour Master presented his Update.


On the peninsular the terminal building had been demolished and work was being done to convert the land to parking spaces, there would be consultations on the final designs.


There had been a delay on the Harbour Revision Order (HRO) for Weymouth due to the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) raising additional queries, but it was hoped that it would be ready for approval by November/December 2019.


Knights Brown had started to set up and clear the asbestos from the ferry steps site.  It was hoped that the piling and major construction would be finished by Christmas with the detailed finishing jobs being done in the new year.  The Wall D pontoons would be removed during the work and modified or replaced to fit the new wall layout.


Communications had been sent to local business, hotels and residents regarding the commencement of work and traffic management measures plus the Harbour Master was keeping Harbour users updated.


The Pleasure Pier building had been demolished and removed, it was hoped that a café building of similar concept to the ones on the beach could be let on the pier, which planning permission had been applied for.


The redevelopment of the North Quay Council offices would impact the Harbour, until decisions were made parking would continue, he re-iterated the importance of parking to the harbour users.


The Weymouth Harbour Consultative Group would continue in it’s present format with meetings held at Weymouth Town Council offices.  Cllr Colin Huckle and been appointed to the group to represent the Town Council and Cllr Mark Roberts would be the representative for Dorset Council.


The former Designated Person for the Harbour had left the Council and Mr William Heaps of Marico Marine had been appointed to the post for all three harbours for a period of three years subject to an annual review.


Interviews for the 4th Independent Member for the Harbours Committee were planned for the 14th October, it was hoped to bring a report back to the committee in November.


The Harbours’ Committee Chairman attended the last FLAG meeting, Weymouth Sailing Club were happy with their new pontoons and a draft renewal lease was being discussed with the Rowing Club.


Following opening the facilities at North Quay for visitors use, vagrants started to use the premises, which left no option but to revert to using a fob entry system for berth holders only.


Maritime and Local events were available to view on the harbour website and the Weymouth Water Safety Group continued to meet.


A new member of staff had joined the harbour office.


An MCA Fishing Boat Safety Consultation was due to start on the 14th October 2019 and it was hoped that one of the shows would be held in Weymouth.


The PMSC issues within the report were noted with the biggest risk to harbour safety being speeding jet-skis


The Harbour Master for West Bay who was also Interim Harbour Master for Lyme Regis presented the update report for both those harbours.


The marine engineers service kits and parts for sale in the shop at West Bay had contributed to steady income growth over the year.


Waiting lists for moorings had reduced and both harbours would benefit from some advertising.


The Lyme Regis slipway was in need of repair and extension to avoid further issues and a potential safety hazard, the bottom edge had become exposed and a number of the concrete slabs had cracked and buckled.  The proposed works will cost in the region of £39K, there was potential to raise part of the slipway area to accommodate storage and repair the remaining part of the slipway, these additional works would increase the cost to C£50k, but would create an opportunity to raise an extra £7k per season in storage provision.  The Harbour Master was working with engineers to develop a design, this may need planning permission prior to commencement.  The Engineers were looking at costings and a way forward for the Lyme Regis Pontoon Piles.


Timber piles at both harbours were in need of replacement.


The report incorporated pictures of the piles at Bridport Harbour, costings to remove the damaged piles and install the new ones were being considered.


The coastal defence works and the flood wall had also been completed.


Accidents and Incidents were reported.  Events in Bridport had been well attended with the exception of the Gig Regatta which had been cancelled due to bad weather.


In response to member questions the committee were advised that the mooring waiting list for Bridport and Lyme Regis has reduced as some new conditions had been implemented.  Customers were only able to turn a mooring space down once, they had to live in the West Dorset area and had to pay to go on the waiting list.  They also had to make use of the mooring for two years.


There was a member request to ensure that whoever was responsible for manning the harbours out of working hours responded to messages and phone calls.


The Engineering Projects Manager presented the Engineering update.


Annual Harbour inspections were programmed for October 2019, additional monitoring was ongoing on walls F & G in Weymouth.


In West Bay annual dredging work was completed in the Spring, and the 2019 engineer inspections had been completed for both West Bay and Lyme Regis with no significant concerns,


Following member questions the Engineering Projects Manager advised that the detailed laser survey on walls F & G, which was due to take place, would be reported to Committee once completed.




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