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Medium Term Financial Plans

To set out the budget requirement for the Harbour Revenue Budgets for Weymouth, Bridport and Lyme Regis Harbours for 2020/21 and beyond.  This requirement includes Scales of Charges for all harbours and the Asset Management Plan Improvements for Weymouth.



The Weymouth Harbour Master presented the Harbours Budget Requirements 2020/21 and beyond.  The report set out the budget requirements for Weymouth, Bridport and Lyme Regis Harbours and the Asset Management Plan Improvements for Weymouth. 


The figure of £250,000 mentioned in the Harbours Budget Monitoring 2019/20 report for the demolition of the Terminal Building and a further £100,000 committed to the Quayside Re-generation Project had not been included in this budget as it was hoped funding would come from the income as a consequence of the HRO work.


There were some unknowns in moving forward on the impact the Peninsular would have on the budget.  It was hoped that the improvements would help with the five-year trend of having a £100,000 shortfall.


Following comments on the presentation of the reports it was suggested, going forward, that the finance reporting mechanism be aligned for all three harbours so that comparisons could easily be made.


The Bridport and Lyme Regis Harbour Master highlighted the salient points relating to both harbours, including the HRO costs.  In relation to employees cost, the income generated by the mechanic had offset any additional costs.


There was an increase for commercial mooring costs, tender and kayak storage was charged per space, a 3% increase across the board had been applied to miscellaneous services.


In response to the reports it was suggested that the Committee’s role was not to look at lots of costings but rather to look at the impact of the prices on services and sectors and where the change of price had the biggest impact.


There should be an impact from the workshops that committee members attend and contribute to.  At the last workshop the committee looked at standardising where possible, yet one set of charges presented was rounded off and another not.  Should this be aligned?.


Inflation adjustments 3% at one 2% at other, minor small charges which could be standardised but are still different, charity discount at some but not others.  Standardisation of promotional discount schemes – still not done.


The Chairman responded that it was unfortunate that due to the timing of the workshop there was not enough time for the ideas and discounts considered to be implemented for this meeting.


The committee members were keen to have the reports standardised with the same headings and layout, the Chairman advised that this was being worked towards, but the staff needed time to set these up.


In accordance with procedural rule 28 it was proposed by Cllr Wheller and seconded by Cllr Roberts.


Decision: that a recorded vote be taken


It was proposed by Cllr Wheller, seconded by Cllr Roberts.


Those who voted in favour; Cllrs Wheller, Williams, Bolwell and Roberts.  Mr Jim Clarke and Mr Matt Walkden.

Those who abstained: Cllr O’Leary


Decision: that the following related to budget requirements for the Harbours’ Budgets for 2020/21 be approved, including:


1.    That the 2020/21 Weymouth Harbour budget be included in the overall Dorset Council 2020/21 budget.

2.    That the scale of charges for 2020/21 for Weymouth Harbour be approved

3.    That the Asset Management Plan Improvements for 20/21 for Weymouth Harbour subject to a mid year review for the annotated items be approved.

4.    That the 2020/21 Bridport Harbour budget be included in the overall Dorset Council 2020/21 budget.

5.    That the 2020/21 Lyme Regis Harbour budget be included in the overall Dorset Council 2020/21 budget.

6.    That the scale of charges for 2020/21 for Bridport and Lyme Regis Harbours be approved.



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