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Corporate Parenting Board Annual Report

To consider the report by the Executive Director of People – Children.


The Corporate Parenting Board considered a report by the Executive Director of People – Children on the Corporate Parenting Board Annual Report 2018/19.


Officers informed the Board there had been some progresses and some areas where improvements could be made.


One member felt the Board ought to get involved with the children more and considered it was not fair to have the same representative from CLiCC attending meetings.


The Participation Worker, Participation People mentioned that everyone was invited to the activity days.  The Chairman asked that next year’s calendar be reissued.


The Chairman mentioned the proposal for future meetings of the Board was to have 6 formal and 6 informal meetings.  The informal meetings, to include the young people, would consist of 3 workshops and 3 activity meetings.  The formal meetings would be open to the public the informal meetings would not.


All Board members present agreed with the new proposal.


The Chairman drew attention to paragraph 4.2 of the report and mentioned the Leader of the Council had also attended the awards ceremony and thoroughly enjoyed the event. 


Members thought the ceremony was very high profile in recognising the achievements of children and young people but also allowed for quieter conversations to be had with foster carers.


The Chairman informed the Board there would be an action plan, the Corporate Parenting Officer would keep and update the master list.


The Corporate Parenting Officer mentioned all recommendations within the report ought to the added to the action plan.


The Chairman drew attention to paragraph 6.6 which contained links to Board members’ working lives.  At the present time with social housing renting you could not get an extra bedroom until you became an approved foster carer but could not become an approved foster carer until you had an extra room.  She was on the Housing Register Executive Advisory Panel (EAP) and they were currently looking at this situation to enable things to go forward. 


The Board discussed the working opportunities Dorset Council should be able to offer to children and young people who were in care, for example if someone wanted experience of working in a country park or working with animals the Authority should be able to offer that to them.  There should be a real opportunity for all young people who wanted to be in education, training or a workplace.

The Chairman asked the CLiCC representative if they had any view about what the Corporate Parenting Board did and the way it was done.  The CLiCC representative mentioned that at the last training day for Corporate Parents out of the 19 candidates attending only 2 knew what the Corporate Parenting Board did.  The Corporate Parenting Officer confirmed CLiCC received information through Participation People and that they all received a ‘Your Care Spotlight Pack’ which provided information about Corporate Parents.  Young people were involved in the induction and training of new recruits to include elected members.


It was noted the Recommendations were agreed.



1.  That the Participation Worker, Participation People re-issue next year’s calendar of activities.

2.  That Board meetings would consist of 6 formal and 6 informal meetings. 

3.  That the Corporate Parenting Officer keep and update the master Action Plan.

4.  That the recommendations contained within the report be agreed and  added to the Action Plan.

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