Joint Archives Board

Purpose of committee

The Joint Archives Board is an executive body of members and officers drawn from both Dorset and Bournemouth, Christchurch, and Poole Councils. It will:


·       Act as the principal governing and oversight body for the Joint Archives Service (JAS) and the forum in which both councils can articulate their views and preferences on the service and its activities, its strategic direction and the JAS’s relationship to services within each council and with external partners.

·       Oversee with the activities of the JAS’s business, consider and approve business plans, service plans, policies, procedures and an annual budget. that have been recommended.

·       Monitor the operating and financial performance of the JAS, prioritise and allocate investment and resources, consider future development, workforce development and manage any audit recommendations and the risk profile of the JAS.

·       Provide support and guidance to the JAS in relation to the strategic priorities of both councils and how the service can support and add value.

·       Advocate for the JAS within each council respectively, to draw attention to its activities and achievements.



Contact information

Support officer: Joshua Kennedy. 01305 224710 - Email: