Issue - decisions

Quarter 3 Financial Management Report

19/01/2022 - Financial management report Quarter 3 2021/22



(a)           That the senior leadership team’s forecast of outturn at the end of Quarter 3, including progress of the transformation and tactical savings incorporated into the budget be noted.


(b)           That the position on the capital programme at the stage and the likelihood of significant slippage into 2022/23, as referenced throughout the budget setting work, be noted.


(c)           That the downgrading of the risk assessment for the financial performance for the final quarter of the current year be agreed.



Reason to note and receive the report


The Council had responsibilities to deliver within its corporate plan and it must do this within the resources made available through the revenue and capital budgets for 2021/22. The report summarised the Council’s forecast financial performance for 2021/22 at the Quarter 3 point of the year.