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Phase 2 Parking Charges Project

09/11/2021 - Phase 2 Parking Charges Transformation Project

Decision of the Portfolio Holder for Highways, Travel and Environment


(a)  To align the day rate in the main tourist locations car parks during peak   and low season


(b)  To align charges in all other car parks (rural and town locations)

(c)  To align on-street parking charges in areas that already have on-street pay & display

(d)  That all current public car park permits be withdrawn and that a long stay and short stay car park permit for residents and workers in the Dorset Council area be introduced.


(e)  That Purbeck Park  car park at Nordon be revert to the level 1 parking tariff.

Reason for the decision

Dorset Council Parking Services is currently working under the Parking Orders of the former six Councils, this has led to a disparity of tariffs between areas to the extent that some areas are free to park all day and others pay £9. An alignment of the Parking Orders is necessary to standardise charges to ensure equality for residents.


Executive Decision - Phase 2 Parking Charges Transformation Project - Dorset Council