Issue - decisions

Dorset Council Draft Plan

03/10/2019 - Dorset Councils Plan 2020-2024



(a)       That the draft Council Plan 2020-2024 be approved (as set in Appendix 1 of the report of 1 October 2019) for engagement in accordance with the next steps set out in section 5 of the report.


(b)       That the output from the councillor seminar of 2 September 2019 (Appendix 2 of the report) be noted.


(c)        That the briefing pack for parish and town councils (Appendix 3 of the report) be approved and promoted as part of the public conversation.


(d)       That the equality impact assessment and any additional activity required to ensure the conversation was as inclusive as possible be received and noted.


Reason for the decision


To ensure Dorset Council’s inaugural plan was informed by local people and the council’s partners.