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Dorset Council Plan

09/03/2020 - Dorset Council Plan Adoption

In recommending the Dorset Council Plan for adoption, the Portfolio Holder for Corporate Development and Change reminded Council that all members had been invited to attend a number of workshops and a series of seminars.  Public conversations were also held in order to formulate the plan that was before members for decision.


Cllr M Roberts seconded the recommendation.


In response to questions and concerns raised regarding the link to climate change within the Dorset Plan, the Portfolio Holder advised that there were a number of actions around climate change underpinning wider actions for the council.  He also acknowledged that social deprivation needed to be considered as part of the overarching action plan and performance would be continually monitored by Cabinet.




That the Dorset Council Plan be adopted


Reason for Decision


To provide clarity about the Council’s priorities for the next four years.