Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Youth Justice Plan 2023/22427/03/2023For Determination13/07/2023
Community Safety Plan 2023-26 and Pan-Dorset Reducing Reoffending Strategy 2023-2627/03/2023For Determination13/07/2023
New Approach to Engaging our Contingency Workforce27/03/2023For Determination20/06/2023
Adult Social Care - Reablement Hubs27/03/2023For Determination25/07/2023
Aspire Annual Adoption Report27/03/2023For Determination20/06/2023
Dog Related Public Spaces Protection Order- Renewal27/02/2023For Determination07/11/2023
Use of Compulsory Purchase Powers for land adjacent to Sunrise Business Park, Blandford27/02/2023For Determination25/04/2023
Youth Justice Service Inspection31/01/2023For Determination25/04/2023
Additional Procurement Forward Plan 2023-24 and incorporating the refresh of the annual Modern Slavery Transparency Statement31/01/2023For Determination05/09/2023
Finance Report - Outturn 2022/202331/01/2023For Determination20/06/2023
Library Strategy16/12/2022For Determination25/07/2023
Dorset Council Plan Priorities Update: Value for Money (Unitary Council Benefits)07/07/2022For Determination16/05/2023
Dorset Council Plan Priorities Update: Working with the Integrated Care System07/07/2022For Determination25/04/2023
Dorset Council Plan Priorities Update: Housing for Local People07/07/2022For Determination25/04/2023