Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Arne, Blandford+, Chickerell, Milton Abbas, Portland, Puddletown and Shaftesbury Neighbourhood Plan09/06/2021For Determination22/06/2021
Potential Low Carbon Dorset Grant over £500,00008/06/2021UrgentFor Determination22/06/2021
Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP)07/06/2021For Determination07/09/2021
Part of Zenith plot land sale at Dorset Innovation Park24/05/2021For Determination27/07/2021
Part of Steamer plot land sale at Dorset Innovation Park24/05/2021For Determination27/07/2021
Review of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) expenditure24/05/2021For Determination27/07/2021
Management of Council Owned Tree Policy24/05/2021For Determination22/06/2021
Additional Procurement Forward Plan Report over £500k (2021 - 22)24/05/2021For Determination07/09/2021
Wimborne St Giles Neighbourhood Plan Area Designation04/05/2021For Determination27/07/2021
Street Naming and Numbering Policy04/05/2021For Determination22/06/2021
Enabling Communities Strategy04/05/2021For Determination07/12/2021
Update on Dorset Council's response to Covid-1904/05/2021For Determination22/06/2021
Dorset Council Plan Quarterly Performance Report - Q416/04/2021For Determination22/06/2021
Shaftesbury Neighbourhood Plan 2019 - 203116/04/2021For Determination22/06/2021
Puddletown Neighbourhood Plan 2019 - 203116/04/2021For Determination22/06/2021
Portland Neighbourhood Plan 2017 - 203116/04/2021For Determination22/06/2021
Milton Abbas Neighbourhood Development Plan 2019 - 203116/04/2021For Determination22/06/2021
Chickerell Town Neighbourhood Plan 2019 - 203616/04/2021For Determination22/06/2021
Blandford + Neighbourhood Plan 2011 - 203316/04/2021For Determination22/06/2021
Arne Parish Neighbourhood Plan 2018 - 203416/04/2021For Determination22/06/2021
Asset Transfer Policy16/04/2021For Determination27/07/2021
Weymouth Harbour and Esplanade Flood and Coastal Risk Management Strategic Outline Case16/04/2021For Determination22/06/2021
Annual Safeguarding Board Report17/03/2021For Determination07/09/2021
Dorset Council Budget Quarterly Performance Report - Q117/03/2021For Determination27/07/2021
Tricuro Options Paper02/02/2021For Determination05/10/2021
Learning Disability and Mental Health Non Framework Contracts02/02/2021For Determination22/06/2021
Dorset Care Framework02/02/2021For Determination22/06/2021
Dorset Council Homelessness & Rough Sleeper Strategy02/02/2021For Determination27/07/2021
Dorset Council Budget Quarterly Performance Report - Q406/10/2020For Determination22/06/2021