Meeting attendance

Monday, 27th September, 2021 10.00 am, Audit and Governance Committee

Venue:   A link to the meeting can be found on the front page of the agenda.

Contact:    Susan Dallison

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
David Trotter Officer In attendance
Councillor Matthew Hall Chairman Present
Councillor Richard Biggs Vice-Chairman Present
Councillor Susan Cocking Committee Member Present
Councillor Rod Adkins Committee Member Present
Councillor Janet Dover Committee Member Present
Councillor Barry Goringe Committee Member Apologies
Councillor Mike Parkes Committee Member Present
Councillor Bill Pipe Committee Member Apologies
Councillor Bill Trite Committee Member Apologies
Jonathan Mair Officer In attendance
Jim McManus Officer Expected
Marc Eyre Officer Expected
David Bonner Officer Expected
Rupert Bamberger Officer In attendance
Sally White Officer In attendance
Lindsey Watson Officer Expected
John Sellgren Officer In attendance
Susan Dallison Officer In attendance
David McIntosh Officer In attendance