How do I register?

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Planning committee meetings are held in public but they are not a public meeting; as a result you need to register to speak as below. The first three members of the public, including any community or amenity group, who register to speak, for and against the application, including the applicant or their representative (maximum six in total) will be invited to address the committee. If the applicant or their representative registers to speak, then only the first two members of the public who wish to speak for the application may address the committee. Members of Parliament (MPs) need to register in the same way and will count as one of the six speakers. Parish and town councils also need to register in the same way and may speak in addtion to the six other speakers.

If you wish to address the committee at the planning meeting it is essential that you either email the the Democratic Services Team or contact the Democratic Services Officer whose details are set out on the front page of the agenda before 8.30am at least two clear working days before the meeting.

If you do not register to speak, you will not normally be invited to address the committee. When contacting the Democratic Services Team you should advise which application you wish to speak on, whether you are objecting or supporting the application and provide your name and contact details.

The councillor who chairs Planning Committee

Ultimately the Chairman of the Planning Committee retains the power to determine how best to conduct a meeting. The processes identified on the following page are therefore always subject to the discretion of the Chairman.

What will happen at the meeting and how long can I speak for?